Abiding with Jesus

The life to which Jesus invites human beings is one of mutual intimacy – a moment-by-moment, never-ending stream of conscious awareness of his abiding presence.  Author Gary W. Moon described it as a concept of ‘baptism’:

“In my imagination, I pictured myself standing in the river facing Jesus. The water was hitting me about waist level.  It was a beautiful day.  I asked Jesus if he would mind baptizing me. In my daydream he eagerly complied.  As he held me underwater, I imagined that all darkness inside, all the sin and separation, was being washed from me. It traveled downstream as he spoke:  ‘That’s gone now.  It’s in the past.  Let go of everything that is flowing downstream.  There is no need to revisit anything in the past.’

“I continued to stand in the river, looking at the eyes of Jesus. Then I asked him, ‘What about the future?  How do I keep from being by distracted what I need to do, by the rest of this day, by tomorrow, and the next?’

“He looked upstream and I followed his gaze.  Then he said, ‘The future is all upstream. But you don’t have to swim to get to it.  It’s on its way right now.  Just stay here with me until it arrives. When it does, we’ll deal with it together.’

“There was a freedom in that moment that is difficult to describe.  There was a peace in that moment that causes me to want to experience it as often as possible. The primary activity of living as an apprentice of Jesus is to be with him in the river that is our life, accepting the relationship, enjoying the relationship, allowing the past to be downstream, waitng with him as the future flows into the present moment.  I try to return to this image as many times a day as possible.  I try to return it so often that it becomes the day.  As I do, I feel baptized into a whole new way to live.”

Source: Gary W. Moon, Apprenticeship with Jesus:  Learning to Live LIke the Master, 138-139.