12 Core Values

Allied Mission Church has 12 core values which inform its ministry:

1.  Love – One Commandment

In the example of Jesus Christ and with the assisting power of the Holy Spirit, we develop every dimension of our being to love God and do good to others.

2.  Mission – One Commission

God reaches out to invite all persons for intimate, never-ending, interactive fellowship in the Holy Spirit to joyfully participate in his purposes as trainees of Jesus Christ.

3.  Power – One Strength

God empowers us in supernatural living in the Holy Spirit as we develop the character of Jesus in obedient apprenticeship.

4.  Prayer  – One Speech

God inspires us to love him while his Spirit invites and engages us to collaborate in commending the message and ministry of Jesus.

5.  Rest – One Peace

The Holy Spirit gives us contentment and rest as we prioritize the counter-cultural values of Jesus and seek first God’s work.

6.  Serving – One Purpose

Jesus is our role model and teacher to do good to people without favoritism for God’s honor, through the assisting power of the Holy Spirit.

7.  Simplicity – One Burden

By following the winsome life of Jesus, we joyfully limit ourselves with single-minded focus to share the daily, liberating sacrifice of obeying God in abandonment to the Spirit.

8.  Unity – One Body

Through union in the Holy Spirit, God joins in mutually-loving, interdependent fellowship all who genuinely believe and obey Jesus Christ as Lord.

9.  Witness – One Savior

God offers reconciliation to him and everyone solely through Jesus Christ.  To all who forsake sin and follow Jesus, God confers present and future benefits of never-ending supernatural life, and are called to testify with the Holy Spirit.

10.  Worship – One Song 

To accompany the worship of daily obedience, we seek a creative balance of freedom and formality, innovation and tradition, celebration and reverence in harmony with the Body of Christ to the glory of the one God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

11.  Dignity One Value

Every person has innate dignity in the image of God born male and female as our human nature.  We complete our God-made human nature only in a Spirit-conceived union with Jesus of which monogamous, heterosexual marriage is a living model.

12.  WorkOne Vocation

Human beings are God’s stewards to work for his good of human welfare.  In partnership with Jesus and under the influence of the Spirit, we optimize our potential for good in any endeavor or enterprise that promotes individual, family, and societal well-being.

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