Small Groups Develop through Radio Preacher

Groups of listeners to a daily religious program in the Philippines are meeting for weekly fellowship and ministry, according to their Pastor Dan Dangallo.  Featured below are pictures of the various groups from sites in and around central Mindanao:


Maco Church Member Murdered Claims Witness

Marites Abatayo01
Marites Abatayo has received unsubstantiated report that her husband Antonio has been murdered. She has sons Mikel, 7, and Angelo, 2.

A member of Maco Church is a suspected murder victim, reports his pastor Ramel Gubalane in the Philippines.

Antonio Abatayo, 36, a one-year Christian convert was shot in the head by Muslim abductors while riding as a motorcycle passenger last month near Carmen in North Cotabato province, according to Gubalane’s unsubstantiated account of the driver who reported to authorities.

The motorcycle driver gave an account to the police three hours after the incident, but the same witness cannot now be contacted, said Gubalane.  The driver apparently reported that he, Abatayo, and the victim’s cousin were all accosted and tied up, but the attackers recognized the driver as a fellow Muslim and released him.  Some hours after the incident, Abatayo’s brother went to the area in search of him and was told that some people had been shot and thrown into the river.  Calls to the victims’ cell phones have been unanswered.

Abatayo was a recent convert but had already developed a commitment to expand the reach of the gospel, according to his pastor Gubalane.  Survivors include a wife Marites, and sons, Mikel,  age seven, and Angelo, two.