Dangallo Aids in Typhoon Relief Efforts

Dante Dangallo (left) helps deliver aid to people affected by Typhoon Sendong.

After Typhoon Sendong swept over a thousand people to their deaths in the Philippines, the condition of the area and plight of those affected was “really heartbreaking,” pastor Dante Dangallo reported from Iligan City.

The typhoon took a rare course to the southern island of Mindanao where it ravaged the coastal cities of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City about a week before Christmas.  Besides the thousand-plus deaths, hundreds were still missing when Dangallo visited Iligan City. From the interior province of Bukidnon, Dangallo and a group of about 20 other people delivered aid to suddenly destitute survivors.

The team delivered two truck loads of goods which included bread, pineapples, and rice.  Nevertheless, the survivors also needed under garments, kitchen utensils, and blankets.  “Christmas season is to bring comfort to those who are hurt, to bring God’s words to those who are troubled and to give hope to those who are weary,” Dangallo said.




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