Gospel Advances in Villages

Scores of villagers and several students have heard with interest the good news of Christ during a one-week ministry outreach in Stung Treng and Rattanakiri provinces by an international team of volunteers.

The ten-person team networked with local Christians and house churches to gather villagers for prayer and healing, distribute supplies to elementary students, and encourage believers to develop house churches.  The multi-organizational team included representatives of Aglow International, Church Multiplication Network, and Love Asia Mission Partner (LAMP) Foundation.  Pastor Edwin Dangallo hosted the team and reported encouraging results from its ministry, including many villagers interested in follow-up bible study by local pastors, including Allied Mission Church leaders Khut Sophea and Klan Kvan.   Pastor Sophea has already begun teaching the ministry participants in the unchurched village of Loum of Andong Meas district in Rattanakiri Province.  The village comprises about 70 houses; some 20 people attended the team’s outreach some of whom experienced healing, Dangallo reported.

The team also visited the home village of Klan Kvan where about 200 people gathered at the place of his father-in-law when, again, some professed Christ and experienced healing.  Klan, a public school teacher in a village about 40 kilometers distant (approximately 24 miles) will return on weekends to follow-up with bible study to adults and children.

Upon arriving in Stung Treng, the short-term team taught an assembly of about 70 local Christians at the Dangallo home in principles of outreach and church-planting.  The group comprised members of house churches, Foursquare Church, Assembly of God, as well as people from Allied Mission Church.  Throughout the week, the volunteer team traveled to other villages in Rattanakiri province to assist the outreach and ministries of Cambodian pastors.  Their outreach targeted several people groups including Cham, Jarai, Krung, Tampuan, Kachok, and Kuy.

The volunteers also shared their life stories to students of an elementary school, praying for each individually, and distributed supplies.  The village governor, the sole Christian in the community who facilitated the outreach, will begin teaching the Bible at the school.