• Those of our members who profess Christ and practice his teachings belong to his Body, the Church. They pledge and prove faithfulness to Jesus. We do not assume that all among us are likewise attached to Jesus because the Lord knows those who belong to him. Some may not be of us. Allegiance and apprenticeship to Jesus is essential; association with the body of Christ, i.e., the Church catholic, is primary. We strive to model our identity in Christ, and rightly expect to be assessed according to it. May the Lord forgive our failings, and enable us to do what we cannot do without him — to his everlasting renown. Christ at the Center, 4.11

Cambodia Mission

Philippine Congregations

Centrala Church

Maco Church

Pangi Church

Salvacion Church

Valencia Church

Connect with a Small Group (Simbalay)

“We have small group opportunities of bible study, fellowship, prayer, and worship for adults and youth. Please contact us for more information.”

Prayer Focus

For leaders and teachers (in Cambodia and Philippines) to model likeness to Jesus, and for them to train members how to obey all of Jesus’ teachings; pioneer new churches among unreached peoples and religious groups, even beyond Philippines; promote unity between all Christians whose profession and practice prove that “Jesus is Lord.”

We focus not on personal needs or wants, but for God to be honored, his rule to fill the earth, and Jesus to be obeyed — including in and through ourselves. We pray that the good news about Jesus is heard and heeded, leading to civic good in all it entails, pervaded with love. Retreating alone (seclusion) and gathering together (inclusion) will be our habit. Prayer is a lifestyle of constant attention to God and interaction with him during our daily activities. It is humble and confident that all powers are subject to Christ. We thank God, love him, adore and celebrate him.  Christ at the Center, 4.20


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